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Varigard Hand sanitizer

Redefining Protection Against Today’s Germs

Varigard™ Formulas Provide the Longest Lasting Personal and Surface Protection Against Deadly Pathogens including COVID-19.

Patented Organic Formulas for Game Changing Pathogen Control 

Varigard works differently because it’s made differently.

Organic, patented polymers work in combination with alcohol, extending the kill-time of our hand sanitizer from 30 seconds to two hours.

Unlike other brands, a flame retardant layer of our organic polymer keeps chemicals off of your skin while stopping them from evaporating, so they keep killing the germs you touch for 2 hours.

Traps and kills 99.9% of the germs you touch for 2 hours. 



2 Hours of protection per use

Proven to kill actual COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2)

3 Layers of active Microglove Protection

Prevents transfer of germs to other surfaces

Won’t cause skin irritation or dryness

Flame retardant

Prevents alcohol from absorbing into skin

Non-toxic and methanol-free

“Other Leading Brands”

Only 30 seconds of limited protection per use

Simply claim to kill “Coronaviruses” in general

Evaporation leaves you exposed to germs

Doesn’t prevent germs from spreading

Will cause dryness and cracking


Allows alcohol to absorb into your skin

May contain methanol or other toxins

Varigard Laboratory Reports & Test Results

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