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Give The pureAir Experience For The Holidays – The Gifts That Proves You Really Care!

The Christmas holidays are coming soon! Let’s face it, Shopping for gifts to give your valued employees, clients, family and friends can be tough! Yes, Expensive coolers are nice, but a better gift to give would be the gift of pure air. Touchnogerms can provide our customers with a variety of air purification units that fight against viruses, bacteria, odors, and more!

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CDC News Updates

Common causes for Odors in the Home

Mold * Gas leaks * Pesticide * Dirty HVAC Equipment * Hidden Leaks * Blocked Sewer Vents
Spilled Chemicals * Odorous Building Materials * Blocked Chimneys * Standing Water
Pet Odor * Critter Infiltration * Crawl Spaces * Interior Sump Pumps * Breakdown of Materials
Cleaning Chemicals * Dead Animal * Cooking Spices (Curry) * Cigarette Smoke * Cat Litter * Urine

Odor and Germ Removal Equipment Evansville IN * Louisville KY * Lexington KY * United States

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