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EMS, Fire, Rescue Vehicle Odor & Microbial Removal Products

EMS, Fire, Rescue Vehicle Odor & Microbial Removal Products

1-866-796-7479 provide State of the Art IAQ Equipment, along with Concierge Services to assist Rescue Vehicle Clients through the process of determining what type and size Purification Equipment best designed to work towards resolving their indoor Air Quality issues.

EMS, Fire, Rescue Vehicle surfaces only stay clean for a short period of time after simple hand wiping or light cleaning. Medical patients or bad guys can leave behind a heavy concentration of germs- exposing staff to harmful microbes in the air and on surfaces. Vehicle can be better maintained between cleanings with air & surface purification products and equipment.


emergency vehicle sanitizing


  • Active Air Purification Designed for EMS Vehicles 
  • Easy to Install in Surface or Flush Mount 
  • Adds Purification Throughout the Emergency Vehicle 
  • Reduces Odors Caused by Smoke and Other Pollutants 


  • Our Proprietary Form of Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO)
  • Germicidal UV Disinfection 


  • Ambulances • Fire Engines • Other EMS and Rescue Service Vehicles 
Emergency Vehicle Purification System

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Emergency Vehicle Odor & Microbial Removal Equipment Evansville IN * Louisville KY * Lexington KY * United States

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