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EMS, Fire, Rescue Vehicle Odor & Microbial Removal Products

EMS, Fire, Rescue Vehicle surfaces only stay clean for a short period of time after simple hand wiping or light cleaning. Medical patients or bad guys can leave behind a heavy concentration of germs- exposing staff to harmful microbes in the air and on surfaces. Vehicle can be better maintained between cleanings with air & surface purification products and equipment.


Emergency Vehicle Purification System

Emergency Vehicle Purification System


Photo-Catalytic Oxidation Technology

Destroys airborne & surface contaminants such as VOCs, Odors, Bacteria, Viruses, Mold, etc.

Distributes oxidation evenly throughout the environment

Attacks pollutants in the air and on surfaces

Eliminates odors to create a cleaner, safer vehicle

Available in Flush Mount and Surface Mount models.


EMS, Fire, and Rescue Vehicles

Emergency Vehicle Odor & Microbial Removal Equipment Evansville IN * Louisville KY * Lexington KY * United States

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