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GreenTech Environmental Pure Air

Active Air Purification

Air & Surface Purification System
Air & Surface Purification System
Air & Surface Purification System
Air & Surface Purification System

At the heart of GreenTech Environmental’s pureAir and other purification products is the concept of active air purification. Unlike passive air filters that require air to pass through them in order to be cleaned, our active air purifiers propel powerful oxidizers out to the sources of contaminants and pollution in your space, continuously sanitizing the air and surfaces. Using the advanced technologies, purification elements such as activated oxygen, plasma, and negative ions are created and continuously projected out into your environment to actively clean the air.

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pureAir 3000
Effective Germ and Odor Removal Products
pureAir 500
pureAir SOLO
Greentech pureAir Solo
Air & Surface Purification System
Air & Surface Purification System

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GreenTech pureWash Pro
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