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Careless People Using the Pharmacy Drive Thru.

The other day I was waiting patiently in line at a pharmacy drive thru.

I watched a lady in the car ahead of me send the drive thru tube back and forth multiple times.
From the reflection on the driver side mirror I could see the lady do something that freaked me out.

Oh my God, I couldn’t believe what I just witnessed the lady do.

After handling the tube multiple times, the same tube hundreds of other people (probably sick) handled early that day, proceeded to rub her face and stick her fingers in her mouth.

I bet she didn’t think about what she was doing.

As someone with a germ-a-phobe mentality, I believe one of the reasons people can get sick is just doing Dumb things!

Anyone with a little bit of common sense should know “don’t stick fingers in your mouth” after handling a device that transports medicine through a drive-thru.

Critics of the germ-a-phobe mentality may say,

We can’t live in a bubble, I agree,

In the age of creepy things like the corona virus or the flu we must be smart about our habits.

From the Merrian-Webster Dictionary

Definition of germophobe

a person who has an abnormal fear of germs or contamination one affected with germophobia No wonder germophobes—including me—are on high alert, viewing every surface as a potentially lethal petri dish.

I don’t consider myself with “abnormal fear of germs” as stated in the Merrian-Webster Dictionary. It is a good idea to have good habits and lean on the side of caution.

Good ideas

  • Wash hands often
  • Use disinfecting wipes at work and home
  • Stay home if sick
  • Get a flu shot
  • Eat healthy
  • Avoid large crowds

More Good ideas

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