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Pro-active Action Plan to Fight Against Bacteria, Viruses, Microbes & Mold

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Pro-active Action Plan

  • Sanitizing of areas, utilizing the Latest Spraying Technology to apply EPA Registered disinfectant effective against SARS-CoV-2
  • Application of EPA Registered Antimicrobial coating to common surfaces to fight against bacteria, microbes and mold
  • Installation of advanced air purification equipment to meet facilities size requirement
  • Institute Proper on-going cleaning & disinfecting protocols for vendors or staff
  • Promote Social Distancing
  • Refer to CDC Guidance for Businesses and Employers

Sanitizing Where You Work, Live and Play!

Sanitize * Disinfect * Protect

Effective Germ and Odor Removal Products
Effective Germ and Odor Removal Products

Advanced Air Purification Equipment


ExtremeMist Portable Sanitizing System

ExtremeMist PSS Spray Vest provides a great portable solution for applying Disinfectants.

Ideal for

Schools * Gyms * Offices * Daycares * Hospitals * Etc.

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